Hi! I'm Jess!

I started my photography journey when I was in high school, mainly playing around with Photoshop. I can’t believe that was like 15 years ago!

I got my first wedding gig when I was 18 and it was for a friend, from there I just kept getting jobs until I found out about newborn photography and I was in love!

I did my first model session in 2013 and now here I am! I have been specializing in Newborn & Baby Photography for 10 years. I have learned so much along the way and I am ready to be a part of your photography journey. There are so many things I learned the hard way.

With my online course you will learn the fundamentals of Newborn Photography. Newborn Safety, Newborn Posing, Different Wrapping Techniques, Lighting, Camera Settings, Editing

You will learn the art of Newborn Photography but also one of the most important things, the business side of things. I also share with you my tips & tricks for marketing, Branding, and SEO.

Mastering Newborn Photography Online Class

Ready to become a Newborn Photography Master? On my online education group I share with you everything I have learned in the past 10 years. Newborn Safety, How to use different lighting, Camera Settings to get that perfect SOOC to speed up your editing, Posing,Wrapping, Marketing & Editing.